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Maritech Wave ERP Software

Maritech Wave™ is an ERP application tailored to the needs of seafood producers. Built entirely within Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV™, Maritech Wave is a multi-language, multi-currency software solution that helps seafood businesses manage their financials, supply chain, production inventory, and resources with enhanced seafood-specific functionality such as Fishing Trips Settlement, Quality Inspection Recording, Catch Weights, and much more.

Newest Wave Release Highlights include:

Seamless Integration with Office 365 and E-everything

  • Meaning you can integrate email/calendars/and other outlook features including the ability to invoice customers based on entries made in the calendar.

Manage your items faster and smarter

  • Organize and classify your items better with advanced searches, grid views, filtering based on attribute value, and more user-defined categories to group items.

Predictive Analytics with Cortana Intelligence

  • With predictive analytics and forecasting tools now available at your fingertips, you can get better insight into your Sales and Inventory, helping manage stock, respond to customers, and create replenishment requests for vendors

Maritech Automation

Maritech Automation provides seafood producers a flexible and easy to use tool for packing and labeling processes, designed for the handling of seafood products and its industry specific handling units. Fully automate and streamline the receiving, production and distribution processes with smart integration of scales, scanners, label printers, barcoding, and plant floor touch screens. Plant floor automation will generate real-time box level inventory details for sales and inventory managers.

Maritech Automation can now be implemented with RF technology

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