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Maritech to open DigitalSeafood Innovation Lab, focusing on new and emerging technologies for the seafood sector

Maritech to open DigitalSeafood Innovation Lab, focusing on new and emerging technologies for the seafood sector

Maritech’s newly created Digital Seafood Innovation lab, the first seafood focused innovation lab of its kind, is set to open on June 29th, 2018

Maritech, a recognized leader in developing software solutions for the seafood sector, today announces the planned opening of its new DigitalSeafood Innovation lab, the first seafood-focused innovation lab of its kind. The lab will be located at the company’s offices in Molde, Norway and will provide the Maritech team, its customers and partners with a space, ambiance, and culture to collaboratively build innovative solutions for traceability, process control and automation throughout the seafood value chain.

The goal of the lab is to explore the use of new concepts and technologies such as IoT, big data, business intelligence, electronic cooperation, automation, machine-leaning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain to evaluate and advance cutting-edge technology for the seafood sector.  As Odd Arne Kristengård, Maritech’s COO explains: 

“Since the launching of DigitalSeafood, our cloud-based suite of software, our innovation blueprint has been based on design thinking, distilling the best practices of agile development into a few simple key processes: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. By applying these principles in the industry-collaborative environment of an innovation lab, we can productively combine seafood sector knowledge with in-depth technology expertise to pinpoint the most pressing needs of our customers and come up with immediate and practical solutions.”

Maritech has been an integral part of the evolution of seafood sector companies as they have grown from small family owned businesses to large, multi-national corporations, organically developing software solutions for and with them as they themselves have developed.  Maritech’s Innovation lab will further these advances, accelerating the seafood sector’s ability to digitally collaborate by building an immersive framework which has resonance in and across the entire seafood value chain, solving problems and removing technological barriers.

“Maritech has a long history of implementing ground-breaking research initiatives that have helped our customers meet the global challenges of increasing regulation, traceability, and sustainability demands,” says Janne T. Morstøl, Maritech’s CEO. “By setting up an innovation lab, we continue this strategy with an aim of bringing together industry partners and customers with a focus on developing and deploying real solutions that create sound economic value for our customers.”

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