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Maritech and Timpex collaborate in digitalization of seafood logistics

Maritech and Timpex collaborate in digitalization of seafood logistics

Software firms Maritech and Timpex announce a new milestone in the cooperative digitization between exporters, carriers, and customs agents with the development of a new collaboration portal to manage logistics.

Molde/Åndalsnes, Norway, January 15th 2017

Maritech, a key developer of industry-specific software solutions for the seafood sector, and Timpex, a leading provider of software solutions for the transport and logistics industry, are today delighted to announce their strategic partnership to together develop what will be the most complete portal solution for seafood exports to date. Through the portal, all parties in the value chain will gain immediate visibility into the product flow, connecting and collaborating more closely to rapidly and significantly improve performance and control while creating a digital interaction that increases efficiency.

Together with the pilot customers Coast Seafood, Cermaq Norway, DB Schenker and with support from Innovation Norway, the companies will deliver a package of transport applications which will connect exporters, carriers, and customs agents in a common portal. Maritech and Timpex's existing software solutions form the basis for the cooperation, and given the solid market position of both firms, they expect the solution to be quickly adopted by the market.

"This area is a natural extension of our service offerings," says Janne T. Morstøl, CEO of Maritech. "Our products are tailored to the trade of seafood. In previous projects, we have enabled traceability from origin to end customer in the B2B marketplace. With this project, we expand the information flow to include logistics providers, which enables digital communication between seafood exporters, carriers and customs suppliers."

"This collaboration links the players in the value chain together, providing unique opportunities for reuse of data, reduced manual data processing and thus reduced risk of error. Additionally, when you collect all data in one place and make it available to all parties - in real time -  you get a completely different overview, control and documentation. This is digitization in practice, "says CEO Øystein Søraas in Timpex.

The project is phase-shifted over 3 years, but given the robust systems that underly it, one expects to have the first prototype ready for testing by pilot customers by the summer.

About Maritech
Maritech is the market leader in the development and delivery of business systems for the seafood industry and provides solutions to many of the largest and leading seafood companies. Maritech is in an expansive growth phase that includes product development, internationalization, new business models and market work. In cooperation with the seafood industry, Maritech will develop tomorrow's solutions with a strong focus on digitalization, electronic interaction and automation.

About Timpex
For more than 30 years, Timpex AS has developed and marketed Timpex software for transport and logistics companies. The head office is located in the cape capital of Åndalsnes. Trondheim's development department ensures expertise in technology and system development from one of Norway's leading technology environments. Timpex solutions are created in close cooperation with customers. This has given the company a leading position in digitizing the Norwegian transport industry.


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