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Stop on by Booth D-345 and learn how the Maritech team create Digital Seafood at Aqua Nor 2017

Stop on by Booth D-345 and learn how the Maritech team create Digital Seafood at Aqua Nor 2017

Is you seafood organization struggling with keeping costs under control, complying with traceability and eco-certification regulations, or managing complex customer contracts? Does you sales staff spend more time on the phone to the warehouse verifying order fulfillment rather than taking them?

These are just a few of the top business issues we hear when speaking with seafood operations every day. Maritech software solves these issues and many more for seafood operations around the globe. It is what we do. Unlike other systems, we only create software for seafood. Our proven and long-standing track record has made us the partner of choice for many of the largest and most prominent seafood organizations in the world. Our Packing solution allows you to not only eliminate time-consuming and error prone labelling and barcoding processes, it enables staff in every department to have an accurate view of production activities from the packing plant floor to gauge stock levels in near real-time and to help monitor production quality and efficiency. All of our solutions embrace digitalization, meaning you can securely access the information you need from anywhere, using any device without incurring the major cost of on premise systems.  When you open Maritech software, you can smell the fish.

If you need to:

  • Manage seafood quality and safety and track forward & backward throughout the supply chain
  • Track & sell products by catch weight
  • Manage Inventory across multiple locations and & account for fresh, frozen, wild, or farm raised seafood, and other ingredients, as well as co-products and by-products
  • Fully automate labelling and barcoding of inventory
  • Manage Trading and Settlement Contracts
  • Communicate digitally throughout the entire supply chain – internally, with customers, with vendors, and with government authorities in a secure and cloud-enabled environment

and so much more, why not stop by and meet the Maritech team of digital seafood specialists at Aqua Nor, Booth D-345. We look forward to seeing you there!

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