Support center

We have a good knowledge database with answers to frequently asked questions. Do you have problems, we are ready to provide personalized support by both phone and email.

Support during regular business hours: 
71 51 74 00
weekdays 08: 00-16: 00



Contact support

Please enter phone number in the message.

Emergency phone:

71 51 73 50

(Applies only to pack / output system)

Weekdays: 06: 00-08: 00 and 16: 00-23: 00 
Saturday / Sunday 06: 00-22: 00

Inquiries outside normal hours are charged hourly with prevailing hourly rate 50%. Each inquiry will at least be charged with 0.5 hour.

It can often be difficult to know who to turn to, especially when systems include both equipment and software. We would like to emphasize that support from MARITECH Systems AS applies only to our software.

Support of equipment from Marel Food Systems is given as before from the following telephone number: 
Support / duty phone: 815 32 242 
Phone: 64 83 80 00