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Maritech Salary 10.00.39
Maritech Accounting 10.00.60
Maritech OLFI 10.00.24
Maritech Project 10.00.05
Maritech Master 10.00.02

If your existing database is Sybase version 9.x you should contact us as soon as possible at to migrate your existing database to a newer version.

Additional modules


Installer CutePDF


Installer AltInn

Maritech COM Wrapper (AltInn, Rapportgenerator, OTP, etc)

Installer COM wrapper

Font for barcodes

Installer Maritech Barcodefonts

Support Modules

Procedures for posting a copy of the customer database to MARITECH.

Current version:

Upload copy of database (HTTP, default)
Upload copy of database (FTP)

Older versions:

For those who still use Sybase ASA9 on a standalone PC

Last opp kopi av database (FTP)

.Net Framework

More and more applications in the Maritech portfolio need Microsoft's .NET framework to work. AltInn and Wrapper are both COM modules written in .Net. To use these modules you require .NET Framework2.0 and 3.5 installed on your computer, version 4 is used by NextGen products.

Those who do not have .NET Framework2.0 / 3.5 installed, you can install it from here.


Citrix/TerminalServer installasjon ComWrapper