Landing Note


  • Reporting – Reports can be generated by fish species, vessels, equipment, product, state, and settlement number. Report selection criteria can be saved for later reuse.
  • Invoice from sales – Invoices can be issued from sales made in sales note. Invoices are automatically checked against receipts and can be used as a basis for generating posting documents to accounting or to export to Maritech Trading.
  • Integration with Maritech Catch Certificate - Export of slips to Maritech Catch Certificate for generation of required catch certificates and origin information for exporting.
  • Integration with weighing systems - Read and send weight data directly from scales to eliminate lengthy data entry for registration and ensure accuracy. 


Maritech’s Landing Note is a solution that handles Norwegian statutory reporting of catches and landings. The Municipal office of Directorate of Fishing regulates the documentation required and ensures that processes and activities comply with the fishery regulations. The system uses a standardized code set (NS 9400) for products, fishing gear and fishing grounds and handles settlement types for both primary buyers and secondary purchases. You can create multiple clients (companies), and assign several plants per client. The system provides access control for defined user groups / users with the ability to restrict access to clients and actions in the program.

Necessary information can be transmitted using Landing note between sellers and purchasers using EDI (Electronic Data Exchange). "eSeddel" is the solution for the electronic exchange of slips between fish purchasing and sales organizations. The solution uses XML as the file format, and has been developed by Maritech Systems AS in cooperation with the Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organisation and Skagerakfisk S / L.

Registration of landing notes - The Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organisation introduced new procedures for the recording and submission of landing notes. "Landing notes in Seconds" is the name of the project where Web Services replace the sending of landing notes via email. This means that the landing note can be recorded and submitted promptly when receipt of the catch occurs. A response can be received immediately and sales notes are assigned a contract note number along with the approval. The landing note can then be printed for signing by the mutual parties. Landing notes can also be exchanged for auction sales.

Using Landing note, you can generate detailed reporting for catch, purchase statistics, and pricing.

"The landing note can be recorded and submitted promptly when receipt of the catch occurs. A response can be received immediately."