Packing System


  • Fast and easy creation of current day’s production orders.
  • Intuitive operation of touch screen / weight from scale / label printer at the packing station.
  • User configurable menus.
  • Multilingual setup on both the system interface and on labels.
  • Real-time production status.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities on boxes, pallets, and shipment documentation (waybill).
  • Integrated with other Maritech applications such as Trading & Sales Note.
  • Electronic transfer of packing data, either internally or to a 3rd party.
  • Customer order management at the item level.
  • Inventory control features (goods receipt, stock level, and goods issue).
  • Registration of consumer units including weight and price information.
  • Warehouse handling (receptions, transfers, inventory, and shipments).


Maritech Packing provides seafood producers a flexible and easy to use tool for packing and labeling processes, tailored for the handling of seafood products and its industry specific handling units.

Fully automate and streamline the production and packing process with smart integration of scales, scanners, label printers, and barcoding. Achieve real-time production data for a complete and up to date handle on inventory availability for sales staff and for production planning and scheduling. Reduce the possibility of manual data-entry errors and omissions. Ensure a more complete and accurate product history and end-to-end traceability with real-time reporting to the production system. The Maritech Packing system ensures accuracy of inventory at all levels, including raw material usage and yield. 

  "Ensures accuracy of inventory at all levels, including raw material usage and yield. "