Maritech Software Suite Overview

The Maritech Software suite is the original and flagship core software solution developed by Maritech over the course of decades and covers all of the downstream part of the value chain, from fish landing/harvesting to wholesale/retail. This suite contains all of the fundamental functionality that is indispensible to efficently buy, process, sell, track and trace seafood from origin to end market. With Maritech Trading as the main module, and a wide range of additonal modules which can be run either separately or as an integrated whole, this suite has become the most widely used software tool for seafood producers in Norway and beyond. These key solutions are setup to work the way the industry does, with workflow that caters to the unique processes needed only in seafood production such as contract fulfillment, currency hedging, exact yield costing per lot (crucial to an industry where raw material quality, price, and supply can fluctuate daily), advanced production planning based on uncertain raw material supply rather than simple Material Supply Planning offered by other systems, and sustainabilty eco-certification tracking for MSC, GAA, and others.

Electronic data exchange with essential systems such as Timpex CMS customs declarations, E-Landing Certificates, and Retailer portals add value and efficiency. The modular design of this suite makes it not only scalable for growth but extremely flexible to implement for new customers who may already have made considerable investments into ERP infrastructure. Included in this suite are tools which handle packing, scanning and labelling processes with seafood industry-specific trade units. These tools streamline operations on the plant floor while offering real-time insight to sales staff and management. These too can be stand alone or integrated with the entire suite. Product portfolio (0001)