Digital Seafood Overview

Digital Seafood (DGS) is Maritech’s innovative suite of secure, cloud-based web solutions. These tools offer new and easy ways for our customers to collaborate with suppliers, customers, and 3rd party logistics and quality control support right across the seafood value chain. For seafood producers and traders who need to consistently meet stringent delivery commitments to some of the most competitive and demanding markets in the world, up to the minute information flow between sales staff, packing plants, and 3rd party providers is crucial. DGS Packing Dashboard for Traders is a visually rich information interface that provides real-time insight into packing status across multiple locations, making it easy to see how much product is on hand, due to arrive, and already committed for customers or processing operations as well as progress on individual order status. DGS Trader Document Management streamlines the creation and flow of business-critical documents making it easy to define needed sets of required documents and generate and send them automatically to all needed stakeholders directly from within the sales process workflow. DGS Claims is a complete and collaborative claims management system, streamlining the time-consuming process of back and forth claims processing and reducing costs by ensuring consistent and accurate processes are met.

With DGS Analytics, claims costs can be even more significantly reduced by identifying those under-performing elements of the supply chain that are triggering the most claims through consistent metrics and analysis. This is just one example of how DGS Analytics can help turn data into insights with customisable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for reporting that helps seafood managers at all levels move from reactive to proactive decision-making in real-time. Not only KPIs can be analysed with the DGS suite. DGS Connect continuously logs and analyses big data from any connected sensors and other devices and sends alerts for critical failures, and allows you to then use the data to optimize processes and equipment for even more savings and efficiency.