Firms require traceability systems to improve supply-side management, to increase safety and quality control, and to market foods with credence attributes (attributes that are difficult for consumers to detect, such as organic salmon). The benefits associated with these objectives include lower-cost distribution systems, reduced recall expenses (and damage to reputation), and expanded sales of high-value products. In every case, the benefits of traceability translate into larger net revenues for the firm.

Public and governmental scrutiny has intensified everywhere in recent years as to the conditions under which food products are grown, captured, processed, imported, or exported. Legislation, both in Europe and the US, has spurred the need for systems to provide full product traceability, as have stringent quality programs put in place by retail buyers. The challenge of meeting these rules and regulations can seem a steep one, but Maritech has been in the very forefront of the development of systems for traceability from its inception. You can rely on Maritech systems to help you meet the challenge. 




  • End-to-end traceability -  stock identification data is recorded and transmitted seamlessly in every stage, from in-entry to final sale as an integral part of the workflow.
  • Lab, hatchery, or farm level - Verify feed, medication, and vaccine use in farmed fish, import and retain the farmed fish CV and history along with the inventory record. 
  • Vessel Level - Pinpoint catch to the exact vessel, fishing equipment, handling methods, size and quality grades and maintain eco-certifications along with the stock record.
  • Lot Level - In the context of a recall, isolate only those batches or lots of product which are affected, thus reducing recall costs.

Key Benefits

  • Meet increasingly stringent customer and regulatory demands for both quality and verifiable product provenance.
  • Reduce recall expenses and damage to reputation.
  • Expand sales of high value products.
  • Improve supply chain performance