Processing & HACCP Compliance


Maritech solutions seamlessly integrate inventory control, quality inspections, lot tracking, catch weight management, and expiration date management with complete and detailed costing for full financial and regulatory control of your seafood processing operation. Easily record each activity, from the time the raw material is placed in inventory through each processing stage until it is completed in stock for delivery to the customer. Effortlessly achieve full traceability of ingredients from origin to the final customer as a natural part of the workflow and fully implement HACCP-compliant quality recording tied to each lot. Advanced planning tools and accurate shop floor data collection not only provide greater visibility into operational performance and cost, they enable reduced materials consumption, less waste, and better customer service. 


  • Inventory Management
  • Dual Catch Weight and Standard Case or Pallet Inventory
  • Primary and Value Added Processing
  • Recipe Management
  • Packaging Traceability
  • HACCP Compliant Quality Control & Rapid Recall
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Bill of Materials
  • Complete Product Costing
  • End-to-end Traceability

Key Benefits

  • Accurately record the receipt and usage of raw material/work in progress and all associated costs
  • Monitor profitability margins on-demand
  • At-a-glance inventory status. Each component used in production, including packaging, can be closely tracked to its own lot number
  • Complete and flexible product assembly lists streamline planning and production processes
  • Record production output and raw material consumption separately, at the same time, or as multi-staged WIP
  • Allocate a single raw material batch to multiple products by quantity or sales value
  • Assign some items as no or low value co-products or byproducts
  • Flexibly assign and track labor or other variable costs by production batch
  • Box or Pallet level detail with optional barcode enabled identification
  • Track material movement within a warehouse, between warehouses, and beyond
  • Streamline manual processes without sacrificing detail