Collaboration - B2B


Growing your revenue while minimizing your costs is a very real benefit of B2B e-commerce. Maritech's technology is streamlined for seafood and lets you take almost every aspect of your business online. By automating and streamlining these various processes, your company can cut down on unnecessary costs – even while you make your business processes more efficient.

Digital collaboration helps companies to work with their trading partners more effectively, accurately and at a far lower cost than through traditional, manual methods of transmitting seafood information. This level of collaboration is not only more efficient, seafood information and insights shared among trading partners enables them to collaborate and drive action to improve seafood quality, sustainability and regulatory compliance throughout the entire supply chain. 

Increasingly, B2B processes are a market necessity. Maritech makes implementing these processes easy with many tools available as a standard part of our solutions. 




  • Work safely and securely with users from any other organization, small or large.
  • Provide access to documents, resources, and applications to partners,while maintaining complete control over your own corporate data.
  • Simple and secure collaboration
  • Automate sales, purchases and logistics for B2B fish and seafood wholesale or retail markets.
  • Interface easily with governmental and customer or vendor portals.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure confidence in the accuracy of traceability and certification data.
  • Compliance and documentation in a single, easy to use solution.
  • Easily integrated with sales and purchase functions in the Maritech product portfolio, saving time from working across multiple systems.
  • Provide the correct, required information to your customers, vendors, and other critical stakeholders in the seafood supply chain.
  • Effortlessly gather all necessary information and generate the appropriate documents without effort or risk of error.
  • Save time and effort by integrating workflow directly with your sales and purchase process rather than having to work manually across multiple systems.
  • Streamline and digitize processes, saving time and achieving greater accuracy.