Maritech’s Analytics solutions allow you to quickly access and analyze your live company data – including financials, sales, purchases, inventory and even data from connected sensor devices - anytime, anywhere, from any screen using a secure web-based environment. C-level executives, Project managers, Product Owners, Directors, Plant Managers, and others can easily access the data they need to make informed business decisions and achieve business goals.

With Maritech's Analytics solutions, you can turn data into insights with customizable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for reporting that helps you move from reactive to proactive decision-making in real-time. Save time spent comparing and reconciling data from multiple spreadsheets -- time that could be better spent running your business.




  • Perform recurring analyses of specific data
  • Rich reporting tools
  • Dashboards and score-carding
  • Predictive analytics, data mining and big data analytics

Key Benefits

  • Key indicators, targets, results
  • Easy to compare between different years and measure performance in all areas
  • Can be customized according to individual customer needs
  • Maintain day-to-day business management even when you are on the move
  • Gain oversight and control
  • Monitor key objectives and performance figures