About Us

Our company

Maritech’s innovative seafood software solutions are sold around the world by Maritech in Norway and by Maritech Dynamics in North America. We are a leading international developer of Software Solutions for Seafood businesses.

Our unique blend of Seafood and Information Technology expertise is recognized worldwide, with key offices in North America and Norway and a network of partners and customers around the globe. Over the course of several decades, we have become the information technology partner of choice for many of the largest and most prominent seafood organizations in the industry, providing them with the tools and resources they need to increase profitability and streamline business processes while keeping pace with an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.

Our vision is to create digital seafood

Seafood is arguably the most complex supply chain in the world. Seafood companies need to capture from either internal or external information systems a whole range of information on the fish from when it is first caught or harvested onwards to be available right through the distribution chain to retail level. Notably, information is wanted not only on fish origin but also on the environmental aspects of the fish, on the Quality and Sustainability Certification status of the food businesses involved, and more. Trading systems require comprehensive and complete up to the minute stock status to ensure quality and timely delivery while managing narrow profit margins.

To do business in an increasingly digitized value chain, a different style of technology is needed. Connectivity is crucial – whether it is automated devices, internal operations, or external partners. Digital seafood nets together information from all aspects of your operation in powerful ways, presenting tremendous opportunities for competitive advantage and revenue growth. When it comes to digital seafood, Maritech delivers. 

Our customers

Our customers range in size from single unit facilities to large multi-national corporations who manage multiple, vertically integrated operations spanning diverse locations and markets. With seafood industry expertise developed over the course of forty years (founded in 1975), Maritech is today the information technology partner of choice for many of the largest and most prominent seafood and aquaculture organizations in the industry.

The company’s distinctive international framework puts Maritech in an unparalleled position to meet the global challenges that characterize the intricate seafood and aquaculture sector.

Today, seafood and aquaculture operations around the globe are using Maritech software solutions to better manage every aspect of their business – from inventory management and detailed costing functions to HACCP compliant quality control, sales and purchase ordering, full accounting and ledger functions, and the formidable challenges associated with the delivery and distribution of perishables.

The seafood and aquaculture business is constantly changing, and our solutions have the depth and flexibility to grow and change with the industry. Our firm commitment to seafood industry knowledge and innovation has made us a trusted ally in helping our customers to stay ahead of the curve.

A brief company history

The story of MARITECH stretches back to 1975, when the company Averøy Data Service was founded in Averøy, Norway. From its inception, the company made a choice to invest in the development and delivery of software and data collection solutions for the growing seafood industry.

In 1984, the company took the name MARITECH and continued its growth - growth resulting eventually in a merger with an Icelandic software company, MTS. In 2007, MARITECH was sold to a Norwegian equipment supplier for the farming industry, AKVA group ASA. 

On February 1, 2012, MARITECH once again became an independent software company, owned by Midwest Funds Wave Invest and SpareBank 1 SMN Invest and other Norwegian regional investors. In November, 2015, Maritech purchased WiseDynamics Ltd. – now Maritech Dynamics, based in Nova Scotia, Canada - further demonstrating Maritech’s commitment to have a local presence in the geographies where our increasingly globally-based customers are positioned. 

In 2016, the first Maritech US office was opened in Seattle. In December of 2017, Broodstock Capital, a seafood and aquaculture investment group based in Norway, became Maritech's majority shareholder.  

Today, Maritech is the clear market leader in developing and delivering business systems to the seafood industry. Maritech has in total 50 employees with offices in Halifax, Seattle, Oslo, Molde, Averøy, Harstad and Tromsø . Maritech Dynamics has 11 employees based in Atlantic Canada and Seattle. 

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